(music: L. Berkner, words: group improvisation)

Guitar: L. Berkner
The crab- Brian Mueller
The balloon- Susie Lampert
The dancer- Laurie Berkner

In my classes the kids pretend to change into crabs, hold balloons or be dancers when they hear the low, high and middle sounds on the guitar. (It can be pretty funny when I start switching really fast.) I wanted to see what would happen if each sound had a character and a voice. This is what came out of it.

Hi Balloon
Hi Laurie
Did you hear something?

You heard me
Who are you?
Or What?

I’m a crab
Low to the ground,
I make this low sound
It’s groovy

Hey! I’m a balloon
Flying to the moon
I fly to the sky
High high high
Up up up weee
Fly with me

I don’t really go high
And I don’t really go down low
I’m kinda in the middle
‘Cause I like to dance!
Dancing dancing dancing

Hey! Dance on down,
Down to the ground

Fly high, like the balloon in the sky

No, come on down and dance in the middle
Come dance with me
Dancing dancing dancing

Hey! Everything’s on the ground
Why shouldn’t I be?

Not fair! Up there in the air!
Get down, down on the ground
Fly free, up here with me
Slither and slide
Squirm and wiggle on the ground

Hey, come and dance!
Dancing dancing dancing dancing

Get down, low
Low as you can go

Hey, that crabs back!
Snippy guy isn’t he?
I guess we can get down low

We’re down
I’ll give it a try!
Snip snip (Down)
Snip Snip
Snip Snip