Victor Vito – 25th Anniversary Remaster

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The 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition of Victor Vito, Laurie Berkner’s third album, winner of five awards including “Best Recording for Toddlers” from the Children’s Music Web. Let’s go swimming and stomp around in our favorite boots and eat a burrito with Victor Vito and Freddy Vasco because Laurie Berkner is celebrating 25 years of her album ‘Victor Vito’! Experience these timeless tunes like never before with remastered versions of our all-time favorites like “The Goldfish,” “Victor Vito,” “BOOTS,” “Moon Moon Moon,” and so much more! Listen now on your favorite streaming service and get your copy of the vinyl now!


It’s easy to see why Billboard magazine called Victor Vito “one of 1999’s best kids’ albums.” On this recording, Laurie’s acoustic guitar is joined by a variety of instruments including flute, harmonica, horns and maracas. From the lovely a cappella harmonies on “Moon Moon Moon” and “White Coral Bells” to a song about some very silly goldfish, to the bouncy, irresistibly catchy title track, Victor Vito is chock-full of songs that kids love and parents sneak off to listen to!

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Music Videos from this album

Victor Vito
Bottle Caps
Moon Moon Moon
Froggie Went A-Courtin'
The Goldfish (Let's Go Swimming)
The Story Of My Feelngs

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