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General Questions, Comments, or Fan Mail

Two Tomatoes Records, LLC
P.O. Box 216
Red Hook, NY 12571
Management and Booking Inquiries

Great Knight Productions
John Waldman
(970) 879-7179
Media Relations

Waldmania PR
Elizabeth Waldman
(415) 334-2787
Online Store Questions/Concerns
Chief Operating Officer

Katie Messer
Social Media Manager

Ariana Alexander
Administrative Support Manager

Kayla Fegeley


I don't have a CD player, how can I keep listening and still support the band?

You can stream the music on all your favorite platforms! Ask Alexa and OK Google to play Laurie Berkner music, stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more! This is still a great way to support the band so they can keep making music.

Will Laurie's company donate merchandise to my charity/non-profit?

Not at this time, sorry! Over the years, Laurie has donated tens of thousands of CDs and merch items to charities and non-profits that support young children. However, in the past few years, in part due to the decrease in the use of physical CDs, she has shifted her charity work to include donating concerts and appearances to children in need. This helps her reach lots more kids in need! Learn more here

Where is Laurie from?

Laurie is from Princeton, New Jersey.

Who are the other three members of the band? Where are Brian and Adam?

The Laurie Berkner Band features Susie Lampert (keyboards), Brady Rymer (bass), and Bob Golden (drums, percussion). Brian Mueller, the band’s first bassist (until 2008), is Laurie’s husband! However, Brian has decided to move on and pursue his other interests and talents. Adam Bernstein, the band’s bassist from 2008-2012, is playing a lot of adult music shows under his own name, with Jonathan Coulton and many others. He also released a children’s album of his own, called “Big Kid, Little Kid”. You can find him on Twitter: @iamthebassman or on his website!

Is Laurie a Mommy?

Yes! She and Brian have a daughter named Lucy.

Does Laurie perform at private parties?

Yes! You can inquire about private parties through John Waldman at Great Knight Productions: Serious inquiries only, please.

Is Laurie playing near me?!

Check our concert calendar for a performance schedule! And sign up for the mailing list to get updates on shows in your area and to purchase advance tickets.

Does Laurie have a fan club?

Yes! You can join Laurie’s Patreon fan club for as little as $2/month for lots of perks and behind-the-scenes peeks. Become a part of our fan page and “Like” us on Facebook! You can also sign up for her mailing list to receive emails when she books a show in your area – and fans on the email list are eligible for presale tickets!

Does Laurie have a DVD?

Yes! Her first DVD, “We are… The Laurie Berkner Band” came out in 2006. You can get it at the store on our website and at retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Barnes and Noble! Nickelodeon released “Let’s Hear It for The Laurie Berkner Band” , a collection of videos seen on Nick Jr., on September 28th, 2010. The band released their latest DVD, “Party Day!” on July 26th, 2011.  You can see all the DVD’s here.

Are the "We are. . . The Laurie Berkner Band" videos the same as the ones on Nick Jr?

No… However, Nickelodeon has released a compilation DVD of many of the band’s Nick Jr. videos called “Let’s Hear It for The Laurie Berkner Band”.

Why do the songs on the CDs sound a little different from the songs on Nick Jr?

When Laurie filmed the videos, she also re-recorded all the songs for Nick Jr.

Are the versions of the songs heard on Nick Jr. available on CD?

Laurie’s 2010 CD, “The Best Of The Laurie Berkner Band” features the Nick Jr. version of “Pig On Her Head”, but to date there are no other Nick Jr. audio tracks available.

What CDs does Laurie have out? DVD? Books?

Laurie has lots of CDs, DVDs, books and more. For the most up to date list, check out the Listen section of our website! You can purchase these items in many places, including, Barnes & Noble, our online store, and more!

Does Laurie have a greatest hits CD?

Yes! “The Best Of The Laurie Berkner Band” was released on June 29th, 2010, and can be found at our online store, Amazon, iTunes, and at most major CD retailers! Her second greatest hits compilation, “The Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band Collection” comes out on October 14th, 2014.

Can I buy Laurie's CDs, books, and DVD's in a store? Which stores?

Yes, Laurie’s CDs are available at Wal-MartK-MartTargetBest BuyBarnes & Noble, and many others.

How can I order Laurie's CDs and other merchandise?

You can order through our online store. You can also order it through popular websites like and others.

Is there a DVD of the videos seen on Nick Jr?
Who do I contact if I want to inquire about booking Laurie and the band for a concert?

If you are interested in speaking with someone about booking Laurie Berkner or The Laurie Berkner Band, you can email John Waldman at Great Knight Productions, or call 970-879-7179, fax 970-879-7294.

Is there sheet music available for Laurie's music?

Yes – we have a Songbook!

How can I write to Laurie?

Write to Or you can send mail to:
Two Tomatoes Records, LLC
P.O. Box 216
Red Hook, NY 12571

Does Laurie read her fan mail?

Yes! Laurie reads all her physical fan mail! She tries hard to read and reply to all her emails and social media messages, but being a working mom keeps her very busy, so she has little helper bees to help with her digital mail.

Are Laurie's songs available to download?

Yes! You can see all the buying options for each song on the song’s page on our site, along with all the albums the song is featured on. You can download Laurie’s music on iTunes and Amazon, and many other favorite download sites.

How do I stay up to date with the latest on the LBB?

Follow us! We are on FacebookTwitterInstagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Patreon, and YouTube! Also be sure to visit our website not only to find out about the latest band news, but for videos, photos, and fun!