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Laurie Berkner DVDs

Party Day!

Get ready for a non-stop celebration when you spend a Party Day with the Laurie Berkner Band! Join Laurie, Susie, Adam, and Bobby on a musical adventure as they travel to a Costume Party, a Birthday Party, and finally a Pajama Party.

Dance, sing, and play along as the band tries on different costumes, hunts for the birthday cake, and jumps around in Pillowland. It’s a fun-filled trip from beginning ’til bedtime!

Laurie Berkner DVDs

We Are... The Laurie Berkner Band

Pre-School to Grade 3—,The first DVD from the Laurie Berkner Band in five years, this party-themed production features 12 original music videos, a mix of new songs and fan favorites. A party invitation drops from the sky and is opened, and Laurie and her band mates are surprised when a pop-up party room springs to life. They jump into the party where they are joined by a multicultural group of children who dance and sing along with the band.

Laurie Berkner DVDs

Let's Hear It For The Laurie Berkner Band

Get ready to jump , dance, and sing along to this collection of catchy music with a message! Packed with songs performed by the wildly popular Laurie Berkner Band, this DVD compilation features some of Laurie’s most popular tunes from her regular appearances on Jack’s Big Music Show. With hosts Moose and Zee, its never been easier to get in tune with learning.