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Laurie Berkner Livestream: FAQ's and HOW IT WORKS

What time is the concert?
We will be having two live Valentine’s Party performances on Feb. 13th, and your ticket gets you access to BOTH! You can choose the time that works best for you, or you can watch both of them. Showtimes are 12pET/11aCT/10aMT/9aPT AND 5pET/4pCT/3pMT/2pPT. The shows will have the same songs, but they’re live, so anything can happen!

I’m having a problem with the livestream! What do I do? 
MOST issues are easily searchable here: – If you are still having trouble, create a support ticket – team members are standing by to assist! Note that refreshing your page is usually the best way to fix a stopped stream. If there are problems on our end, we will notify you in the chat! You can rewatch the shows for about 10 days after they are over, so if you miss something, don’t worry too much!

I bought a ticket but when I sign in, I don’t see the Virtual Lobby! Help!
Check to be sure you used the login information that you bought the ticket with. Many people accidentally choose to sign in with Facebook or Google instead of the email address they used to purchase. If you’re not sure, check your email for your receipt and enter through that link.

I bought a ticket but I didn’t get a receipt, what do I do?
Email – chances are, there was a small typo in your email address! We’ll help you out.

I’m having a problem with the meet and greet! What do I do?
Contact AND team members are standing by to assist!

What is a Need-Based Ticket?
We are selling a limited number of Need-Based tickets specifically for those families who can’t afford the full $20 ticket, but still want to access the event. We know many families are struggling to make ends meet in these difficult times so we’re trying to do our part to make these types of family events less of a financial burden for those families. If you cannot afford a ticket but wish to attend, please email to request one – several fans have donated tickets that we will distribute on a first-come, first-served basis! You can also donate tickets by contacting

Where is the livestream happening?

The livestream will be happening here: and will be easily viewable on any internet browser (mobile, web, tablet or computer). The platform is called Maestro.

How do I sign in to the livestream? Do I need an access code?
Once you’ve paid, all you need to do to access the site again is click “Log in” and enter the email address and password you used to sign up for the site. You do not need an access code UNLESS you have received one directly from the Laurie Berkner Team (i.e. if you are a co-creator).

Why is there a 15% fee added to my ticket?
We totally get the frustration of extra fees and hope you’ll understand! This fee is covering the awesome work done by our wonderful colleagues at the platform we utilize for these shows, Maestro, in this shifting and evolving virtual performance space. If this fee makes your ticket price unmanageable, please feel free to choose the Need-Based ticket option or write to us at to request a donated ticket.

I want to donate a ticket, how do I do that?
THANK YOU! We have lots of fans who are struggling right now, and your donated tickets ($10/family) help a family who might not otherwise be able to afford a ticket come to the show (AND helps support us to keep making music, which is SO appreciated during this time when we can’t tour). Email to donate tickets.

What’s the BEST way to watch?

We recommend watching on a tablet, computer, or TV on Theater Mode (click the two arrows pointing at each other in the bottom right corner of the livestream). You cannot watch in Theater Mode on mobile. Don’t forget to charge your portable devices! We recommend coming to the pre-show which begins 1 hour before the performance – to test your devices and make sure everything works.

There will be interactive elements like polls and questions which can be interacted with via your devices. If you are connected with a TV, you will need to interact on the computer or tablet that’s sending the feed.

For the best experience, test your connection speed: Open your internet browser and visit to check your connection speed. You’ll want to use either a cellular data or WiFi connection that registers a speed of at least 30 Mbps. Hint: Remember to test the internet speed in the same location as you will be live-streaming the concert/having your meet & greet with Laurie, if you have purchased a meet and greet pass.

STREAMING TO YOUR TV: You can also set up the stream to your TV using a screen mirroring tool (e.g. Apple TV, Chromecast) or a good old-fashioned HDMI cable. NOTE: Amazon Fire recently updated their software and may not be compatible with this livestream.

When should I arrive for the concert?

We STRONGLY recommend logging in about 30-60 minutes prior to the concert to be sure your device/internet is working and give yourself time for troubleshooting. If you run into issues, please visit There will also be some fun pre-show things to watch and do during this time!

I want to make some fun decorations and recipes to get ready for the show, where can I find ideas?
Check out our blog for lots of cool ideas!

I bought a meet and greet pass, now what?

First, be sure you have downloaded the Looped Live app on your phone or tablet. Sign up for the app and enter the access code you were given when you purchased, and you’ll be ready for the day! Make sure your device is charged and prepare any questions you may have for Laurie! Also, be sure you have purchased a ticket to the livestream! Remember: the meet and greet is an add-on and does not include a ticket to the concert.

How do I buy access?

You must purchase a ticket to the livestream/virtual concert via Note that you can add-on a meet and greet pass by clicking the tab in the upper left corner. The meet and greet pass ($80) does NOT include access to the livestream ($20).

What is the refund policy for livestream tickets?

All ticket code sales are final. There will be no refunds, exchanges, or name transfers under any circumstances.

I purchased a Virtual Concert or Livestream Event ticket but am no longer available for the event. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, this event is non-refundable, but you can rewatch it for one week+ after the concert (Patreon fan club members can rewatch all past livestreams at any time)! If there are extenuating circumstances such as a medical emergency, please email us at and we will try our best to take your request into consideration.

What if I missed the concert?

We will keep the livestream video up on the site for a week+ following the show! If you did miss the event completely, unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund. If there are extenuating circumstances such as a medical emergency, please reach out to Maestro at and we will do our best to accommodate.

I want to purchase a ticket as a gift for someone else. How do I do that?

Concert ticket products are non-transferable to avoid scalpers, however, if you want to purchase for another person you can create a login for them with their email address and a password at checkout, and then send them the login information. They will not have access to your credit card info with this login information. There are no name changes available for this product. You may also email to set up ticket donations.

If I refresh the page, will I be kicked out of the stream forever?
No! Refresh all you want.

Can I record the event?

Audio or video recording on your own device is strictly prohibited.

I got flagged, what does that mean?
You were flagged because of inappropriate behavior in the chat room. This may be because of violations of the Maestro Terms of Service you agreed to when creating an account on Maestro. If you feel you were wrongfully flagged or flagged by mistake, please email

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