In honor of the 25th anniversary of Victor Vito, we are releasing Victor Vito and Freddie Vasco’s homemade hot sauce. If hot sauce is too spicy for your kids, try this homemade not-so-hot sauce. You can put it on your rice, you can put it on your beans, on your rutabagas, and on your collard greens! Try today for a delicious meal that's sure to delight any toddler. They won't even know they're peppers! All flavors are ultra-mild! Comes in standard, bell, not-hotbanero, sweet, banana, and rainbow. From all-organic peppers made through Victor and Freddie's patented de-hotten-izing technology, they'll eat it fast, they'll eat it slow! Your child will be peppering you with compliments on this amazing new sauce.
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But we ARE celebrating 25th anniversary of the album, Victor Vito!

The Remastered Vinyl Edition and CD are available for preorder now!

Victor Vito - 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition!

The 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition of Victor Vito, Laurie Berkner’s third album, winner of five awards including “Best Recording for Toddlers” from the Children’s Music Web. It’s easy to see why Billboard magazine called Victor Vito “one of 1999’s best kids’ albums.” On this recording, Laurie’s acoustic guitar is joined by a variety of instruments including flute, harmonica, horns and maracas. From the lovely a cappella harmonies on “Moon Moon Moon” and “White Coral Bells” to a song about some very silly goldfish, to the bouncy, irresistibly catchy title track, Victor Vito is chock-full of songs that kids love and parents sneak off to listen to! Destined to become a family favorite!