I’m a superhero with a job to do
And if you’re a superhero
You can save the world, too!

I just turn on the water
And add a lot of soap
It’s time to wash my hands

Wash wash – like I’m making plans
Wash wash – like I’m shaking hands
Wash wash – I do the front AND back
It’s a super-soapy, superhero, germ-attack!

I get under each nail
Count from 1 to 10
If I need more time
I just count it again!
1-2-3 -4-5-6 -7- 8-9-10!

I make wiggly spider-fingers
Washing in-between
Cause superheroes get
Every finger clean!
Then I wash each wrist
Give ‘em a twist
And in each palm
I make a superhero fist!

Now one last scrub!
Then I rinse my hands
Rinse ‘em all clean
With a superhero dance!
Rinse rinse
Rinse rinse

I turn the water off
And it’s time to dry
Cause …
I’m a superhero and my job here is done!
See ya later, I gotta fly!