Get A Virtual Meet & Greet

Choose when you would like Laurie to video call you following her Valentine's Virtual Family Concerts - either after the 1st show or the 2nd! East Coast families will be placed at the front of the second group's line to accommodate for bedtime. Meet & Greet 1 will take place between 2:00p ET-3:15p ET and Meet & Greet 2 will take place between 6:40p ET-8:45ET. No need to wait in line, Laurie will call when it's your turn! Each call will be approximately 3 minutes.
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Group 1 (2-3:15p ET)

15 available! If this group sells out, you are welcome to join the second group.

Group 2 (6:40-8:45p ET)

15 available! East Coast families will be scheduled first to accommodate for bedtime.

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