Laurie Berkner's Song And Story Kitchen

A family audio series from Audible!
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About The Series

Laurie teamed up with Audible to bring you this new Audible Original series for kids 3-8. Set in her cozy kitchen, Laurie and her friend Thelonious Pig tell stories about a magical land called Juniper Fields, where friends like Oscar Beebee the bumblebee, ferret cousins Victor Vito and Freddie Vasco, Tallulah Jones the dinosaur, and Layla Meeska the mouse find songs and adventures wherever they go.

Available only from Audible.

Listen to the Season 1 trailer:

Make the recipes:
Recipes from “Laurie Berkner’s Song And Story Kitchen”

Cover art designed by Eliza Sturgeon.

Season 2 Is Here

Introducing Rosetta Pig, Thelonious’s little sister, and Juniper Fields’ newest member, Harry the Chipmunk! Join them as they whip up yummy food, songs, and stories in Laurie Berkner’s Song and Story Kitchen, Season 2.

Each chapter of this whimsical Audible Original features a different food and tells a new story set in the magical world of Juniper Fields with Laurie’s friends: Oscar Beebee, the bumblebee; Layla Meeska, the mouse; Tallulah Jones, the dinosaur; ferret cousins Victor Vito and Freddie Vasco, and their new friend in Season 2, Harry Munkin, the chipmunk.

Cover art designed by Eliza Sturgeon.

Listen to a sample:

Learn how to make the recipes here

Cooking with T-Pig in Laurie Berkner’s Song and Story Kitchen

Laurie and T-Pig make a broccoli pizza! Learn how you can make one, too.

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Learn about how Laurie became the kids’ music sensation she is today!

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