Waiting For The Elevator

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Waiting for the Elevator (Released Oct. 4 2019) is a compilation of songs about exploring and learning emotional, practical and life skills. Waiting can be difficult, but it’s more fun when there are things to do together while we wait, like in the song, “Waiting for the Elevator.” There are songs about feelings (I Missed You, I am Angry (Yes I Am!)), colors (Big Blue Box, Purple Bricks In The Sky), numbers (A Dollar, Do You Hear the Bells?), movement (This Mountain, Did You Go To Ohio?), letters and months (Look at all the Letters, 12 Months), newfound abilities (I Know How That Works, Come Out Come Out) and family relationships (I Love You Daddy, A Hug From My Mama). It’s an album of interactive songs that will follow children as they grow and give them new ways to learn, play and express themselves.

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Music Videos from this album

Chipmunk At The Gas Pump
Waiting For The Elevator
I Love You Daddy
12 Months
This Mountain
A Hug From My Mama
Somos Los Dinosaurios
A Dollar
I Know How That Works
Look At All The Letters
Waiting For The Elevator Holiday Edition
Do You Hear The Bells? (feat Gavin Creel)

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