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There are different ways to teach children skills before they start learning to read. Most of us started with the names of the letters of the alphabet, but research has shown that teaching the sounds those letters make – and PAIRING the sounds with letters – is almost twice as effective.

Partnering with Bjorem Speech – a team of speech therapy superstars, early literacy specialists, and early childhood educators – Laurie Berkner has created a toe-tapping series of songs about phonics that teach pre-literacy through an innovative method of teaching sounds and letters simultaneously.

Perfect for engaging young learners, Better Letters offers a multisensory and interactive way to master the connections between sounds and letters, ensuring a deeper and more memorable learning experience. Vowels, digraphs, and consonants are fun when you’re jumping, galloping, stomping, and swaying side to side!

This series includes six songs that cover the English sounds, including digraphs (two letters that make one sound, like “sh,” “ch,” “th”), providing a comprehensive tool for teaching and reinforcing phonics in a fun and interactive way.

Combine these engaging tunes and interactive videos with the hands-on Bjorem Better Letters™ with The Laurie Berkner Band card deck for a truly multisensory letter-sound learning adventure.

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Says Laurie: Before working with Jennie Bjorem and Bjorem Speech, I had no idea what a sound cue was. Now I understand the child-centered genius of it. It’s a way to support pre-literacy by teaching sounds to kids by linking them to relevant concepts they already know (the “yummy” sound is “mmm”) as opposed to linking it to an abstract symbol (“the symbol/letter “M” is “mmm” ). It’s a difficult concept to grasp if you were not taught that way but extremely intuitive for a child who has not yet learned the alphabet. I’m so thrilled to have been asked to come up with songs to help kids of all learning abilities practice this brilliant way of approaching language and literacy through six songs that encompass 46 sound cues. Each song is distinct, yet is similar enough to the others that is easy to absorb the information in each one without sacrificing musicality, playfulness, and pure pleasure in singing and acting out the songs.

Learn more about how this revolutionary system addresses common ABC and preliteracy learning challenges!

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