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All of Laurie Berkner's newest single releases in 2020!
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Happy New Year

Countdown to the new year with this new song!

Deck The Halls

Laurie Berkner updates this 16th-century carol to the 21st century. Laurie infuses “Deck The Halls” with her signature musicality and charm, bringing a bit of bop to every family’s “fa la las.”

Up On The Housetop

Considered to be the second-oldest secular Christmas song, “Up On The Housetop” has delighted families for over 150 years. Laurie adds her own special flair with dance-along call-and-response sections for maximum fun. Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go listen to this lively song right now?

Time To Eat

Everybody clap for dinner! It’s the most delicious time of the year, and Laurie Berkner has a fun, rhythm-centric song for everyone who’s all set to experience the sounds of the season.

The Superhero Mask Song

Calling all superheroes! What’s a simple way you can help save the world? By wearing your superhero mask, of course! Kids can change the lyrics to describe their own superhero masks.

Let's Go!

“Let’s Go!” turns the process of getting ready to go somewhere into a playful, silly, musical experience. Drums that are reminiscent of a cheerleading chant and a super-spirited performance from the rest of The Laurie Berkner Band, both come together to create a joyful song that will keep everybody moving!

What Am I Gonna Be? (For Halloween)

“What Am I Gonna Be?” is a perfect song to sing leading up to and during Halloween, and is also a song that kids can add their own ideas to at any time of year. On top of bringing out the play-acting in all of us, this song also allows kids to listen for clues and guess what’s coming next, before mastering each of the answers.

The Superhero Handwashing Song

This simple chant combines the imagery of inviting kids to be superheroes along with the sounds of handwashing and direct, fun instructions to do it thoroughly and safely. “The Superhero Handwashing Song” is a companion to my “The Silly Brushing Song” and can be used in the same way.

Beautiful Light

Beautiful Light is a song inspired by the desire to encourage kids to sing about themselves being and bringing something beautiful and positive to the world. It features the whole Laurie Berkner Band along with multi-instrumentalist Etienne Stadwijk on the organ. The song itself grows from being about one person seeing their own worth to how we are all beautiful lights in this world.

Jumping Jack

Hey-oh! Need some help getting up and moving while we’re all stuck at home? There is jumping, jumping, and more jumping in this new Laurie Berkner song, “Jumping Jack!” Kids won’t be able to keep themselves from moving “like Jack” when they hear the music. Click below to listen now!

Listen To The Sounds

A mental oasis of self-love for when we need a moment to regroup.  Laurie cultivates mindfulness by drawing kids’ attention to the rhythms that tie their bodies to nature. Inner stillness is just a heartbeat and a breath away.

Tied My Shoes

Learning new skills can be tricky, but Laurie Berkner is here to help! “Tied My Shoes” is a step-by-step (pun intended) guide to help little ones learn to tie their shoes, set at a gentle pace that will encourage them to “tie along.”

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