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Earth Day!

Here are some fun, Earth-friendly activities:  

  • Go for a walk and pick up litter. Don't forget to sort between recyclable material and landfill garbage - you can even drop off compostable things at your local compost drop-off! You can play games while you do it, too - try "I Spy" or see who can pick up the most litter!
  • Make an eco-friendly snack. Go to your local Farmer's Market and pick out local and organic foods, then go home and start cookin'. 
  • Use those old bottles or egg cartons to make planters!
    • First, get some seeds (we like Seeds of Change).
    • If you're using a plastic soda bottle, have a grownup help cut the top off so you are left with the bottom 5-6".
    • Next, decorate your bottle bottom with such recycled things as cardboard from cereal boxes (color or paint it!), pieces of cloth from old clothing, pictures from magazines or catalogues, etc.
    • Poke small holes in the bottom.  
    • Then, fill your planter with dirt and plant your seeds! Egg cartons make excellent herb gardens :)
  • Have old CD's and records lying around?  Make a clock!

family greenliving_earthday_recordclock

  • Take some time to talk about nature: why it's important, why we are thankful for it, and ways we can help make it strong and healthy.  Read books, tell stories, and think about what would life be like without trees and nature. It feels good to give thanks!
  • Listen to this song! Can You Imagine?
  • Next time you want to buy a toy, think about going home and making one, instead!  It's really fun to figure out what you love about a toy, and then recreate it for yourself. You can make trucks out of toilet paper rolls and dolls out of old clothing.
  • Reuse old baby food jars to make beautiful candle holders for your home or gifts!