Laurie's Guitars

In a Facebook contest, Libby Lindgren Koch said:
We would love to know more details about your personal instruments. My 3 year old keeps asking me how many guitars Laurie has. I would love to 
be able to tell him all about them.

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Laurie has been a musician for most of her life, and she has had a number of instruments throughout the years.

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Green Valentines Day

Laurie recently asked our Facebook Fans for some great Valentine's Party ideas that are Earth-friendly! We loved your responses. We know Valentine's Day is over, but why not keep it going all week? After all, Love should be celebrated ALL year long!

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Love Me for Who I Am

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Laurie is very proud to announce that she recently was asked to sing vocals with Grammy-nominated family music artist Brady Rymer on a new CD, "Love Me for Who I Am", that celebrates and honors kids of all abilities - particularly those on the autism spectrum.

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The Great Things Your Kids Say

Here's another great round of fun things from the mouths of babes. Send us your favorite quote to our Facebook Fan Page!

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About the Band

We asked what you'd like to know about the band members, and Laurie decided to tackle them all herself.  Here are some of her answers!

Thanks to: Julie Atkinson-Blumenstock, Caly Kim, Citlalic Tepetla Rojas, Becky Rossman Schneider, Sharon Cerasoli, Mindy Livesay William, Natalie Simovski,  and Christie Powers Burnetfor your questions!

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