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The Great Things Kids Say

We asked our Facebook fans to tell us the funniest, sweetest, and/or most profound things their kids have said in the last week.  Here are a few of the responses - we love these!

[2.5 yr old] "I a princess!"
[to my husband]: "You a prince!"
[to me]: "You a waitress!"

[Hannah, 2 1/2]:  "Mommy, I need to wake up early so I can build a RAINBOW!"
Which is nice, because it's awfully cold and dreary here in the midwest right now :-P

[Crew]: "Daddy, can I please watch a video?
[Dad]: "No buddy, it's time for bed."
[Crew]: "Daddy! Are you ARGUING?! That's it! No shows for you, Daddy!"

[3 yr old sneezes at breakfast]: "aw, man!"
[Me]: "What?"
[3 yr old]: "I got 'bless you' all over my cereal!"

[Braden to Daddy]: Dad, my bed is wet.
[Dad]: I think you need to stop drinking so much before bed.
[Braden]: DAD, it's not juice... it's PEE!! ;)

I was playing with my 2 year old daughter "eating" her belly. She was loving every minute of it and laughing hysterically...all of a sudden she stood straight up and put her hand under my chin and said "okay Mommy, spit it out now!" HAHA!

[Toddler]: "Mommy, where are the chopsticks? I need to catch a fly."

[Mom to 2.5 yr old]: I loved you "to the moon and back"
[Toddler]: "I love you to the moon and front!"

[4 yr old]: Pulls a dog toy out from under the bed that belonged to our dog that passed away over a year ago.
[Mom]:  Asks her to put it back because if Daddy sees it he'll get upset.
[4 yr old]: "It's ok if he sees it, I'll pretend to be a dog and he won't be disappointed"

He asked me if I loved his hair. I said yes. He replied: then don't cut it no more. My son has autism and hates the hair cutting process. I just loved how he systematically built his no more haircuts argument. Ha ha

[Toddler home sick]: "Mom I'm going in my room to kick back and listen to The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band"

[2 year old]: "Princess Mommy, would you go to the ball with me?"

[6 yr old]: Running around in just a shirt
[Mom]: Tells him he was "three-quarters" naked.
[6 yr old]: Taking off his shirt and yells, "now I'm one dollar naked!"

[5 yr old daughter]: "Something smells bad in the car."
[3 yr old brother]: "I think it's car sauce."

Send us YOUR favorite quote from your child - we can't wait for more!