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Me Time

Being a parent/caregiver can mean you are constantly scrambling for a little "me time". We get a lot of e-mails from parents whose kids love to sing and dance to the LBB's songs and videos while they get some work done.  We're so glad to be a part of that!

This got us to thinking about some other fun ways to keep the kids busy and safe while parents grab some "me time".  We asked our Facebook fans to tell us some of their other ideas for how to enjoy a little time to themselves!  We hope you enjoy these ideas to create a safe, fun experience for your little ones while you take care of your own business. Thanks to all who participated :)

Cynthia Villar Vitale

Edible play-dough! I love the Pillsbury crescent/pizza dough - I roll up a small amount into a ball, and give one to each of my girls. They create whatever masterpieces they want - most recently a basket filled with 'cherries' and then I bake it, and they eat it! It keeps them busy while I am cooking, and keeps them in the kitchen with me for some quality time!

Kellie Jorgensen Schultz

I have a huge tupperware 3/4 of the way filled with dry beans (pinto?). Also in the tupperware are shovels, measuring cups, little cups, etc. The kids dig, pour, pile, to their hearts content. When they are finished we just put the lid on & put it away!

Jana Cheney Kirby

I have a "bucket" that the kids will sit down with. It has items like beans, uncooked pasta, buttons, pipe cleaners (and so on) that the kids will glue on paper. They make collages while I make dinner :)

Kina N Jason Reid

I place a peice of paper inside a large gallon size ziplock bag, then get a moist sponge, cut it into a couple smaller peices and squirt a little paint on them. Seal the bag, and let the kids start pounding away. It looks really cool when the paint splatters and it makes a neat picture, but best of all, the mess is conatined within the bag and when you are done you can throw it away without having to hose down your table and your toddler!

Dawn Leone Van Brunt

I give the boys the Sunday paper coupons and they flip through and find the things we buy! Then they sticky note them and I go back to cut them out! Helps me get them involved in healthy eating and saving money! Plus they feel "big" for helping me shop!