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Quick Recycling Craft

We asked our Facebook Fan Page for some quick and fun ideas for crafts that recycle old materials - and the ideas are inspiring, fun, and very entertaining!  Check out our Fan Page for more great ideas!

Marlena Taylor Beltrame

Take a water bottle, fill it with water, put all kinds of things inside, buttons, marbles, glitter, whatever, GLUE the cap on, and hand it to a child, they are amazing and entertain for a long time. Also if you mix water and cornstarch together, it makes fun slime type stuff, turns back into powder when it dries

Jenifer Tolman Sims

Cut the bottom off a plastic soda bottle (single size or larger) put a nylon stocking over the large opening. Pull the stocking up enough to be tight across the open bottom end then use a rubber band to secure in place. Voila a million bub...ble blower! It will either make millions of tiny bubbles or a blowing foam depending on how tight the weave is on the stocking. You can use an old margarine container or similar to hold your bubble solution or a pie plate for a larger bubble blower. If you want your bubble solution to have super bubble power add a little glycerin to your bubble solution.

Dana Gordon

Not exactly a craft but I have taken a large box and turned it into an "Oven" and then used old containers cleaned out (Oatmeal, egg carton, Empty honey containers etc to play kitchen). We also use egg cartons to hold paints in. The foam ones are great because you can wash them out.

Tracy Cooper

Tie long ribbons to shower curtain rings or anything roundand kids can hold on to them as they dance to LBB songs!

Karri Cross

When I finish a crocheting project, instead of throwing out the bits of loose yarn that get trimmed off, if they are 6-8 inches, the kids and I use them for stringing cheerios or fruit loops. They get the same fine motor practice they would get with beads; and I don't have to dive across the table every time they stick one on their mouths! Tie a knot in the ends and they make great bracelets; and very convenient take-and-go snacks for the car too! :-)