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Quick Ideas For a Rainy Day

Spending the day indoors on a rainy day, especially for VERY young children, can be tough!  Here are a few around-the-house activities you can whip up in a jiff to brighten your day.

Make a basketball hoop

Using cups, trash cans, baskets, lampshapes, or any other bin-like items, make a basketball game.  You can even set yourself up with multiple baskets, and have items that correspond with them be the "ball". 

Here are some examples:

Trash can basket and crumpled paper ball
Hamper basket and folded sock ball
Cup basket and ice cube ball
Pen cup basket and crayon ball

Make a tower out of things around the house

Try stacking plastic cups as high as you can go! Make different shapes and then, of course, knock 'em down!

Other items you can use:
Differently-sized boxes
Take out containers
CD/DVD cases

Make a mural

Tape pieces of paper together to make a large canvas, and hand out crayons, fingerpaint, glitter glue, stickers, etc!  Decide on a theme and let everyone make their own section, or do a free-for-all.  This is a fun thing to hang at birthday parties. 

Do a taste test

Put all kinds of foods in little containers, have your testers close their eyes, and let them try to figure out what food they are eating.  If anyone is stumped, give fun clues, like "this food is red and sometimes has black seeds in it" or "this food is good at the beach." You can also try this with different beverages!

Make a scavenger hunt

Decide on a great prize (keep it a secret from the players), and make a trail of clues around the house.  The clues can be pictures of places for non-readers, or older kids can help the younger ones.  Extra points for funny clues and hiding places, like inside your shoes!

What do YOU do on a rainy day?